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I'm from Ohio, and I have good manners.

Seriously. Crash your grocery cart into mine and watch me apologize profusely, just as any good Midwesterner should.


I live in Cincinnati, Ohio, home of Skyline Chili and Fiona the Hippo. My husband is handsome and bearded. Plus, he cooks supper every night, so I'm pretty sure he's perfect. We are parents to the cheekiest toddler. She's a little peanut and reminds me so much of Ludwig Bemelmans' Madeline. We have three dogs of all shapes and sizes and are passionate about rescue. 

I write whimsical children's stories and adult love stories—funny, charming, slightly quirky ones. Rom coms. I was raised Catholic, so I can't pen the super steamy stuff. I'll combust, I think. My heroines are a lot like me: they’re worried about climate change (yet never remember their reusable shopping bags), they do the awkward sway at loud bars/clubs while silently praying the group moves to a quieter location, and they definitely don't think quick on their feet.

Oh, and they believe Ina Garten is a national treasure, but isn't that a truth universally acknowledged?

I'm fascinated by the everyday. I am always interested in what you ate for breakfast, and I want to hear all about the true crime podcast you listened to on your way to work. So please, do tell. 

I feel very lucky to have a platform for telling my stories.

Thank you, thank you for reading them.

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